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Childs Play Triangle - PRE-ORDER NOW!

The Climbing Triangle is one of the most dynamic products for early motor skills development.   Encouraging a child's natural tendency to climb helps them learn spacial orientation, limb use and movement.

Our triangle design allows for multiple positions without the risk of collapsing or folding, but can be easily disassembled without tools for storage under the sofa or against a the wall. 

Each purchase comes with three unique parts:


1)  A short leg:  5 rung ladder approximately 32" in length

2)   A long leg:  6 run ladder approximately 36" in length  

both ladders have thick and virtually indestructible 1 and 1/2" bars

3)  A hex hub - this is a connector part that allows you to put both ladders together in 6 different positions.


We are officially taking pre-orders now shipping this month with late September or early October delivery!  


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