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Who we are

We are a family team.  When we had our first child, we wanted only the best for her!   That quickly evolved to buying the best - to looking into the used market for clothes..  A big realization was how much waste there is in children's apparel, toys and other accessories.  While some parents have closets full of products that can't use because they're the wrong size or season - there are other children who have next to nothing - and forced to source some of the same products at prices.  Meanwhile the children end up with second-hand styles or fashions, sometimes not fitting correctly or impacting self-esteem.  

We sought to find a solution to this problem and found a local small resale business in Oakland CA which we purchased.  From that point, we have supplied the resale / thrift market in Northern California and grew into providing early stage transitional and educational products for at-home development.  We modeled our products after the Montessori method of child development and saw the obscene prices of overseas made wood and learning products in the market and used our California based business, sustainable and ecological mindset and set to work on creating our first products at affordable prices with these characteristics in mind.   Since we've opened, we have supplied hundreds of households and donated over $1M in clothing and apparel to underprivileged families; as well purchased quality used products for families who can clean up their closets and get a few bucks out of the process!